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BMW Turbos

BMW Turbo by Web Turbos

If you find a lower price on BMW turbos than you get from Web Turbos you can call back, verify your lower quote and we will beat the competitor price.  Web Turbos, for years, providing BMW Turbos at the lowest rates online.  Call us to compare. 

Deal with a company that only works with OEM parts.  BMW turbochargers are very expensive new.  Remanufactured BMW Turbos are just as good and reliable as new.  Ours have all new components.  Maybe the housing on the turbo is re-used but just as good as new.  Everything inside is new.  The center section will be all OEM BMW.  You can't go wrong with BMW Turbos By Web Turbos.

You could find out that if you call BMW you are going to pay five times greater to get a new turbo.  Save your money, go with Web Turbos, get a turbo that's 99 percent as reliable and pay much less.  It should be reasonable to turbo your BMW.

A remanufactured turbo through Web Turbos provides all the longevity of a new turbo, at only a fraction of the cost.  If properly installed our turbo will outlive other reman turbos because we use all OEM parts and we stress test all BMW turbos we sell.  Our warranty is 90 days but your properly installed turbos will last well beyond 90 days.  You must run a new oil line to your turbo for our warranty to be active. 

We don't list all prices on BMW turbos as they change constantly based upon parts availability.  Please call if you don't see what you are looking for and remember to call to compare and if need be, to lower our price.  Thank you for your interest in Web Turbos today. 

524TD  85-86 2.4L GAR TB0324 466016-2X
745i 80 4.5L KKK K27 5327-970-6484X
745i 81 4.5L KKK K27 5327-970-6484X


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